Kettlebell Workouts Can help you Lose Belly Fat

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Reasons Why Kettlebell Workouts Can help you Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Did you know that those irritating layers of visceral abdominal fat sitting on your belly could set you up for diabetes and heart problems? The visceral fat is hard to treat by diet but with a proper kettlebell boot camp routine you can get rid of it. The reason why boot camps are so effective in helping you lose belly fat is because of their unique structure of stress busting techniques and effective exercises.

Give your metabolism a jump start

Boot camps are modelled on the American army cadet training program style where a combination of short vigorous exercise forms was used peppered over by 5-10 second break periods. The form of training followed in  a kettlebell boot camp is mostly Interval training and it is scientifically proved to be one of the most effective ways of burning belly fat.

Interval training boosts up the metabolism and then whatever you eat gets used up in the form of energy instead of being stored in the form of belly fat. High intensity exercises and circuit training as practices in boot camps are perfect for belly reduction. See more on Functional Fitness Courses!

Benefit from diet charts

Kettlebell boot camps have trained dieticians will formally assess your lifestyle, weight and dietary habits before making up customized diet chart for you. Remember that your fat reduction plans will not succeed unless there is a firm diet plan in place along with exercise routine.

Complex carbs, lean proteins and minuscule portions of healthy fat will help you make a better fat burning strategy. You must be thinking well, it’s easy to prepare and follow a diet chart at home. While theoretically it’s possible, practically 80% of personal diet regimens fail because they don’t have the discipline of boot camp attached to it.

Quality body weight exercises

Trainers working in boot camps will quickly identify your problem areas and then give you customized exercise sets. Trainers say that natural body weight exercises are more effective a treating fat than abs crunches. 30 minutes of body weight exercises done 5 days per week at a kettlebell boot camp will leave you with a flatter trimmer tummy in just a few weeks.

The best quality of boot camps is that they present a package of strength training, interval training, weight training, cardio and body balance exercises which seek to improve all the physical functions of participants.

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Get rid of your stress

Stress is one of the leading contributors to abdominal fat. Unless you lower your daily stress levels it’s difficult to do anything about the fat stored around your tummy. Kettlebell certification offers a happy friendly atmosphere where you will share a healthy camaraderie with the other participants.

Slowly you will feel the stress levels slipping as you start feeling happy while you are working out. Simply talking over your daily issues with your boot camp mates will help in lowering stress and thus reducing abdominal fat.