Get Free Publicity for Your Fitness Business with Marketing These Strategies

Wednesday , 3, August 2016 Comments Off on Get Free Publicity for Your Fitness Business with Marketing These Strategies

Free publicity is what any business would die for. So check out the following marketing opportunities and see which ones you can make use of to put your fitness business on the success map:

Newspaper publicity

Check with your local newspapers or other popular publications. Ask them if you can submit regular articles on your fitness business. Also check out any neighbourhood newsletters – any articles you write will reach people in your area who might decide to go in for fitness training.

Publicity via the radio

Join up with a radio station and sponsor a contest for weight loss. Those wishing to take part should send in applications. Everyone who participates will be entitled to free membership during the period of the contest against the number of plugs obtained by your club for the period.

Publicise winners

Whenever you get involved in any type of contest – over the radio, in the gym or elsewhere, make sure you give the winner the right type of publicity. You could advertise their achievements in newspapers, magazines, on websites or on the radio, always making sure details about your fitness business are included.

On the home front you could organize a contest among your clients – ask them to each write an article on how they have benefitted from your gym sessions. Select the best article from the lot and send it for publication to the local newspaper with an appropriate headline praising the winner.

Something for people in need

To help people in need you could organize a drive to collect canned food. Set up a partnership with the soup kitchen in your area, or the Salvation Army. The plan is to offer free membership to people who each bring in 5 tins of canned food. These tins will go to the organizations mentioned above. Once the plan is in place make sure you send details to the local news stations and local newspapers.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Another great media for personal trainers is email marketing, below is a quick video I made for online fitness profits outlining exactly how I set up my optin box and email autoresponders, check it out…

In-house contest

Another good marketing idea is to organize an in-house contest and send the proceeds to a particular charity. This contest would involve the family and friends of your clients pledging a set amount for every mile their member does on a treadmill, or climbing a stair master. Even if only a few members participate, it will help to raise funds and produce a winner. The amount so collected would go to the said charity. In general all efforts to help charities make for good publicity so if you organize such a contest make sure the details reach a radio station who will carry a story on the contest.

Organise a seminar

Local authorities are always on the lookout to hold seminars to keep the public informed. You could check with your community centre and tell them you would like to make a free presentation on your fitness business. The centre will make all the arrangements. On the marketing side you need to compose a good speech on fitness topics. Make sure you always invite the press so the programme gets public exposure.