Kettlebell Workouts Can help you Lose Belly Fat

Saturday , 13, January 2018 Comments Off on Kettlebell Workouts Can help you Lose Belly Fat

Reasons Why Kettlebell Workouts Can help you Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Did you know that those irritating layers of visceral abdominal fat sitting on your belly could set you up for diabetes and heart problems? The visceral fat is hard to treat by diet but with a proper kettlebell boot camp routine you can get rid of it. The reason why boot camps are so effective in helping you lose belly fat is because of their unique structure of stress busting techniques and effective exercises.

Give your metabolism a jump start

Boot camps are modelled on the American army cadet training program style where a combination of short vigorous exercise forms was used peppered over by 5-10 second break periods. The form of training followed in  a kettlebell boot camp is mostly Interval training and it is scientifically proved to be one of the most effective ways of burning belly fat.

Interval training boosts up the metabolism and then whatever you eat gets used up in the form of energy instead of being stored in the form of belly fat. High intensity exercises and circuit training as practices in boot camps are perfect for belly reduction. See more on Functional Fitness Courses!

Benefit from diet charts

Kettlebell boot camps have trained dieticians will formally assess your lifestyle, weight and dietary habits before making up customized diet chart for you. Remember that your fat reduction plans will not succeed unless there is a firm diet plan in place along with exercise routine.

Complex carbs, lean proteins and minuscule portions of healthy fat will help you make a better fat burning strategy. You must be thinking well, it’s easy to prepare and follow a diet chart at home. While theoretically it’s possible, practically 80% of personal diet regimens fail because they don’t have the discipline of boot camp attached to it.

Quality body weight exercises

Trainers working in boot camps will quickly identify your problem areas and then give you customized exercise sets. Trainers say that natural body weight exercises are more effective a treating fat than abs crunches. 30 minutes of body weight exercises done 5 days per week at a kettlebell boot camp will leave you with a flatter trimmer tummy in just a few weeks.

The best quality of boot camps is that they present a package of strength training, interval training, weight training, cardio and body balance exercises which seek to improve all the physical functions of participants.

load of kettlebell

Get rid of your stress

Stress is one of the leading contributors to abdominal fat. Unless you lower your daily stress levels it’s difficult to do anything about the fat stored around your tummy. Kettlebell certification offers a happy friendly atmosphere where you will share a healthy camaraderie with the other participants.

Slowly you will feel the stress levels slipping as you start feeling happy while you are working out. Simply talking over your daily issues with your boot camp mates will help in lowering stress and thus reducing abdominal fat.

How A Las Vegas SEO Consultant Utilizes Website Design

Saturday , 28, October 2017 Comments Off on How A Las Vegas SEO Consultant Utilizes Website Design

A website design is an aspect of a website which is quite important for the overall performance of a website according to your local Las Vegas SEO Consultant A website design should not just concentrate on the visual appearance of a website; it should also focus on functionality and user experience. Not many people know just how significant website design is and they end up overlooking it which a grave mistake on their part because it hinders them from getting the most out of their online marketing campaign. When a web designer is creating a website, there are various elements that they need to pay attention to such as color, white space, positioning, typography, mobile friendly, usability and navigation. Here are the reasons why your website design is important;

1.       Credibility and customer service

We all know that first impressions are important; the same applies to a website. If a website design is sloppy or it appears like a child designed it, people might not want to deal with your business because it will portray a negative image of your business and make it hard for people to trust it. A professional web design tends to act like a business customer service because it will entice people to buy from your business and feel at ease associating with it.

2.       Navigation

A recent Las Vegas SEO research panel shows that people judge a site within seconds of visiting it. Navigation is one of the elements that visitors use to measure the suitability of a website Navigation entails the ease with which visitors can find what they are looking for in a website. A site with poor navigation can be chaotic, confusing and cluttered which will discourage users from staying on the site.

3.       Competition

If you want to beat the competition you probably should take website design more seriously because even your competitors are doing so. The reality is that people will always prefer to browse a competitor’s website if it looks more professional and credible than yours. Therefore, investing in a good website design could be the best thing you can do for your business. Besides ensuring that your website design is as good as your competitors’, you can consider going the extra mile and making your website more attractive that your competition so that you can have an edge over them.

4.       Consistency

One of the characteristics of a good website design is consistency.  This means that its style, format, and typefaces are similar in all the pages. Internet users like consistency and they are usually put off by a website that uses varying fonts and layouts throughout the websites. A website that follows the principle of consistency is easier to navigate and friendly to the eye. The aim of a web design is usually to avoid distracting consumers and ensuring that they stay long enough on the site to place orders or take any other action that is required of them.

5.       Search engine optimization

SEO refers to the elements that enable a website to rank well on a search engine. A website with a good website design is bound to have good Las Vegas SEO Services which will be good for your business. This is because your website will get greater visibility and consequently more traffic and greater ROI.

Fitness Jobs Opportunities after Completing Your Personal Trainer Course

Friday , 27, January 2017 Comments Off on Fitness Jobs Opportunities after Completing Your Personal Trainer Course

In the last few years the fitness industry has grown in leaps and bounds. ‘Fitness’ has become the buzz word, with everyone wanting to be trim and healthy. With this increase in the number of people looking to get fit, the need arises for professionals to train them. This opens up a host of fitness job opportunities for personal trainers. Not only gym-based posts, as a personal trainer you now have a choice to conduct fitness training in a range of other fitness areas. So once you have completed Marbella trainer courses, you can choose to conduct fitness training in any of the following options:

Company-based training

Company managements who offer fitness jobs in Marbella these days realise that if their staff are physically fit, they will perform better. To this many companies are hiring personal trainers to conduct fitness training for their staff. Since in general companies work on the 9-to-5 clock, conducting fitness sessions could prove a breeze. Interaction with company staff also offers additional fitness training business through their contacts.

Fitness job

Traditional gym training

Since gyms in Marbella are ‘the-go-to’ place for getting fit, most personal trainers take up a career as gym instructors. Working in a gym will provide you with a wide range of experience as you will be dealing with men, women, middle-aged, young, even people with a few health problems.

As a gym Marbella personal trainer it is your job to access each individual’s fitness capacity and draw up suitable workout programmes. Taking up a gym post can prove valuable as you get exposure to a range of fitness issues.

Targeting the luxury level

If you have the right confidence, experience and expertise in fitness training, you could look at taking up a post in a luxury hotel in Marbella. Such hotels are mostly patronised by the well-off crowd. Luxury fitness experiences are all listed on Fitness Spain website.

Besides being a well-paid assignment, as a fitness trainer in a luxury level you will need to develop additional skills like patience, pampering and ultra-politeness – it is what the rich class are looking for. Additional perks of working in a hotel could include free accommodation and meals.

Another opportunity to use your fitness training prowess is to join a cruise ship. Fitness freaks look forward to continuing their fitness regime even while on holiday. So if you do not suffer from sea-sickness, joining a cruise ship offers a good working holiday opportunity.


If none of the above options appeal to you, you can always operate on an individual level. Advertise online and build up a list of clients depending on your skills and availability. Being your own boss will have its advantages but you will also have to sharpen your sales skills. You will not have the benefit of a readymade client base.

Personal Trainer Shares Top Fat Loss Training Rules

Saturday , 6, August 2016 Comments Off on Personal Trainer Shares Top Fat Loss Training Rules

Like any good training routine when you want to train for fat loss there are rules to follow if you want to gain maximum benefit in a reasonable period of time. The usual mainstream workouts that a good Gold Coast fitness trainer will want to use to get maximum results hard work and effort require to be put in as detailed in the rules mentioned below:

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  • A proper plan for training needs to be put in place taking into account the different styles which impact the system differently. So breaks have to be provided for in between the stressors affecting the nervous system, spinal compression, joints and metabolism.
  • Switching of strategies is required such as body-building, metabolic resistance training, strength training and conditioning.
  • Burning fat requires rotation of different conditioning types such as alactate. This involves intense and short work conditioning of longer duration.

If you are into group fitness training you will tend to become fuel efficient as with each session you get better at performing. This is not good for fat loss as losing fat requires your body to burn fuel. So you should try resistance training which builds strength.

With additional strength you will be able to lift bigger weights and expel more energy. Added strength also helps with training such as conditioning, metabolic resistance etc. which in turn helps to get rid of body fat.

On nutrition

When it comes to fat loss, the most important aspect is the right nutrition. So time and effort have to be put in to eat the right food. Avoid foods that contribute to the ‘fat’ situation. Instead go in for foods which are natural and have single ingredients. Fish, vegetables, meats, eggs etc. will help you to reach your goals. You could also include quality supplements like fish oils, protein and rice.

How fat burning works

It was once believed that doing slow cardio would help with fat loss. However losing fat is not what actually burns off in a training session. What is required is how much fat is burnt in 24 hours. Doing high-intensity, short exercises bring on an oxygen debt and this translates into boosting the metabolism even after the training is over. You can get daily video workouts from my Facebook page.

Different styles of exercises

  • Spinal compression – this involves deadlifts, heavy squats and farmer’s walks.
  • Stressors for joints – these are exercises which affect joints, such as training with heavy barbells, doing high jumps, and sprinting.
  • Stressors for the nervous system – this involves power and speed training, low-rep and heavy training.

When deciding on a fat loss programme you need to use different strategies. If you only use high metabolic resistance they will not produce results over a long period of time. So you should periodize the training sessions as also your diet.

You should also not change over from a high volume training session to a session with lower volume such as power-lifting. This might result in your gaining fat. Dropping down your carb intake and number of calories will also result in fat gain.

Get Free Publicity for Your Fitness Business with Marketing These Strategies

Wednesday , 3, August 2016 Comments Off on Get Free Publicity for Your Fitness Business with Marketing These Strategies

Free publicity is what any business would die for. So check out the following marketing opportunities and see which ones you can make use of to put your fitness business on the success map:

Newspaper publicity

Check with your local newspapers or other popular publications. Ask them if you can submit regular articles on your fitness business. Also check out any neighbourhood newsletters – any articles you write will reach people in your area who might decide to go in for fitness training.

Publicity via the radio

Join up with a radio station and sponsor a contest for weight loss. Those wishing to take part should send in applications. Everyone who participates will be entitled to free membership during the period of the contest against the number of plugs obtained by your club for the period.

Publicise winners

Whenever you get involved in any type of contest – over the radio, in the gym or elsewhere, make sure you give the winner the right type of publicity. You could advertise their achievements in newspapers, magazines, on websites or on the radio, always making sure details about your fitness business are included.

On the home front you could organize a contest among your clients – ask them to each write an article on how they have benefitted from your gym sessions. Select the best article from the lot and send it for publication to the local newspaper with an appropriate headline praising the winner.

Something for people in need

To help people in need you could organize a drive to collect canned food. Set up a partnership with the soup kitchen in your area, or the Salvation Army. The plan is to offer free membership to people who each bring in 5 tins of canned food. These tins will go to the organizations mentioned above. Once the plan is in place make sure you send details to the local news stations and local newspapers.

Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Another great media for personal trainers is email marketing, below is a quick video I made for online fitness profits outlining exactly how I set up my optin box and email autoresponders, check it out…

In-house contest

Another good marketing idea is to organize an in-house contest and send the proceeds to a particular charity. This contest would involve the family and friends of your clients pledging a set amount for every mile their member does on a treadmill, or climbing a stair master. Even if only a few members participate, it will help to raise funds and produce a winner. The amount so collected would go to the said charity. In general all efforts to help charities make for good publicity so if you organize such a contest make sure the details reach a radio station who will carry a story on the contest.

Organise a seminar

Local authorities are always on the lookout to hold seminars to keep the public informed. You could check with your community centre and tell them you would like to make a free presentation on your fitness business. The centre will make all the arrangements. On the marketing side you need to compose a good speech on fitness topics. Make sure you always invite the press so the programme gets public exposure.

When You Haven’t Been Keeping Fit For A While…

Wednesday , 13, July 2016 Comments Off on When You Haven’t Been Keeping Fit For A While…

…Here’s a great video showcasing a great workout routine for when you’ve been away from the gym!

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