Locals behind new Christchurch library design

The ‘Your Library, Your Voice’ campaign welcomes the Christchurch public to share ideas about what they want from the new Christchurch City Library.

Through creating a conversation about the direction the library, the council will understand how residents want their library to look and feel from the moment they walk in. The campaign runs between Friday March 21-Friday May 2.

Role and value of public libraries

Public libraries sit at the heart of their communities. They help create a sense of belonging and they respond to the needs of the people who use them. They celebrate cultural diversity, and they help promote understanding between different cultural groups.

Public libraries provide opportunities for lifelong learning. They help children and young people develop imagination and creativity, and they give adults the opportunity to learn about their cultural heritage, and about the arts, science and technology.

Our Strategic Framework

“Public Libraries of New Zealand – A Strategic Framework 2012 – 2017″ charts the future of public libraries in New Zealand. It is designed to help libraries, and their local councils to extend their services through new technology, and improve their efficiency through partnerships and alliances.

About Us

Public Libraries of New Zealand leads the debate on the future of public libraries. We advocate for the continuous improvement of public libraries to meet the evolving needs of local communities.

We bring together the leaders in the public library sector to ensure that local services in New Zealand continue to meet the needs of New Zealanders from Cape Reinga to Bluff.